About us

Cuore di Vieste is a small but gracious family run B&B, sprouted from the love for the land of Gargano and for everything beautiful it could offer.

The true heart

Our family has always been attached to the wonderful scenario that everyday keeps on evoking a strong emotion in us all. In fact, the name “cuore di Vieste” translates to “heart of Vieste“. That’s because the heart is symbol of the strategic location in which it was born, immersed in the oldest narrow streets of the town’s historic centre. At the same time, the heart is also a great image of love and dedication.

The newly renovated place gives rest to the eyes, thanks to the white tonality dominating all of the rooms. We’ve invested meticulous care in every detail and we keep on doing it, day in and day out. To us, this is the true love for one’s self and for the others!

Therefore, the heart is the leitmotiv for our business: an emotional fuel that gives meaning to every matter.

Finally, the sea view terrace frames the picture of the work our love wanted to create. So nature takes care of the rest!

Cuore di Vieste: Intimacy and warmth

If you’re looking for a small, reserved, intimate and cozy space, you surely won’t be disappointed!

The Cuore di Vieste has as its main objective to greet you with an overwhelming sense of familiarity, offering warmth and immeasurable thoughtfulness.

There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to create such a synergy that guests can feel like at home. That’s the only way to truly enjoy relaxation! There will be endless chats, thousands of recommendations on what to visit and on where to eat some excellent fish.

The best moment of the day is breakfast: the variety of typical local products and the fresh Gargano orange juice will make you taste and breathe the traditional Apulian flavours and odours. All accompanied by the immense view overlooking the sea, the Vieste Lighthouse and the peninsula of Punta S. Francesco, besides the tales of your/our lives.

Location and surroundings

The property is literally located in the heart of Vieste and of its historic centre, immersed in the narrow streets of the oldest area between Via Cimaglia and Via Duomo.

It’s located only 3 meters (10 ft) from the oldest popular shopping street, the well-known Via Vesta, full of stores, workshops, souvenirs and traditional local restaurants. During summer months, as a matter of fact, hundreds of tourists, coming from all around the world, invade the narrow streets of the historic centre, curious to visit and admire every glimpse. In that area, therefore, it’s possible to conciliate history and nightlife.

Moreover, nearby, within 50 meters (160 ft), you can find restaurants, pubs, pastry shops, pizzerias, handcraft ice cream parlors and products of local cuisine.

We’re certain that you won’t be disappointed and we look forward to deliver the set goals and to always live up to every expectation.