B&B Cuore di Vieste offers a mostly classic Italian and continental breakfast, characterized by fresh, genuine, homegrown products!

Equipped with a wide assortment

On our table there’s a wide selection, ideal to satisfy tastes and desires of each and every guest that comes visit us!

Cakes, sourdough croissants, fresh fruit, dried fruit, jams, rusks, cookies, cereals, tea with a thousand flavours, cappuccino and orange juices. These are just a few of the dishes included in our breakfast!

Meeting your necessities

In short, paying attention to every need, we take care of specific intolerances (among the most common of which, to lactose and to gluten) providing guaranteed and certified pharmaceutical products!

Meticulous in the choice of our food

Each dish originates in the territory of Gargano, the gorgeous promonotory extended towards the Adriatic sea. As a result, every product typical of that region is the combination of constantly warm air and Mediterranean sun, granting fertile lands and much love for genuine products!

Certainly we prioritize sourdough croissants, in other words naturally leavened, out of the oven at the crack of dawn, not frozen.

Moreover, the freshness can be perceived by the high digestibility, after eating them… so try them for yourself!

Meanwhile, we brew our coffee beans ourselves, offering a special aroma to our frothy cappuccinos.

Finally, for fresh and dried fruit, we turn to trusted local growers, who advise only the finest they have to offer. Among the most frequent requests, the Gargano oranges juice ranks in first place!

Transparent on our methods

Browsing in our blog you’ll be able to find recipes used for the most popular cakes among our guests!

…we’re waiting for you to come experience this voyage in the mix of local flavours!